List of Indian Mallu B Grade Movies You Don’t Know

Have you ever heard of these B-Grade Movies. If you have then you might be knowing that there are many B-Grade Movies out there which have gone viral and they release on Youtube or local OTT Apps.

They get many views online, making them the blockbuster movies better than the films featuring A-List stars.  Because of the internet has evolved and everybody have 4G network now they can get hooked onto different kinds of movies. Even though Hindi B-Grade movies tops the list but there is also an huge fan following for the Telugu and Tamil Content as well. So here are the different B-Grade Movies available online.

Many movies like Sorry Teacher, Vayasu Pilichindi, Manmadha rakshahi, Manmadhulu, Sorry Maa Ayaana Intlo Unnadu and Ratinirvedam have got great response on the internet. Now the popularity of the B-Grade Movies are increasing day by day. Many movies which have been released in theatres and online have got attention of the audience. Let’s see the movies which have been released recently.

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List of Mallu B Grade Movies

Dirty Hari:

Dirty Hari is one of the most controversial movies released recently. This movie is directed by M.S.Raju and the lead cast of the movie Darbha Appaji, Keshav Deepak and Simrat Kaur. Right from the movie’s trailer release many protestors have tried to stop these movie from releasing in theatres. Because of some unusual content in this movie, The protestors didn’t want the movie to be released because it can effect the mind of youth. 


Magguva is also one of those in which there is some unusual content available in the movie. This movie is directed by Sriram Yedhoti and the lead cast of the movie Suresh Babu, Harish Chandra, Madhupriya and others. Basically it is a thriller movie but there are some unusual scenes which brings the movie under this category.

The other movies include Anagarigam, Kaamasthree, Kaalachavi, Pookadai Saroja, Shanthi Appuram Nithya, Rvai varma and Ayal. Mostly these movies are available in DVD or CDs or if you are lucky enough you can find these movies on Internet and stream it directly on your device. 

So these are all the details of B Grade Movies and their popularity. It is better for the youth below 18+ shouldn’t get engaged with these type of movies because they can effect your mind and some times get addicted as well. 

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